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Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
freezing, but close. fremont 37, 35 for santa rosa. and san francisco down to 44 degrees. the setup in the atmosphere is this. we have a huge bubble of high pressure that will keep the rain away for the next five or six days. it's the location of the high that will give us differing weather. tomorrow, high pressure is off to the west. clock wise flow around the high, because that's a northerly flow of air. it was a chilly breeze. same story tomorrow. we'll have the sunshine. we'll be mainly sunny, but highs in the 50s. by wednesday and lasting until saturday, four straight days, high pressure is closer to us. we don't get that northerly flow. that will get us into the 60s. what to expect? nights will be chilly. 40s otherwise. mainly sunny, mild afternoon. we will be dry all week long, likely beyond super bowl sunday. for tomorrow, upper 50s. avenue average is 61. san francisco 56. upper 50s for pacifica and 56 for mountain view. here comes the sunshine, low 60s on wednesday. mid 60s on thursday, friday, and saturday. then on sunday, super bowl sunday, partly sunny, low to mid 60s. good
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> and this whole chapter in the book is about ordinary people saying, like rosa parks saying i'm not getting up today. i'm tired and that is ordinary people taking a stand. >> yes. >> and it's about people. >> you're doing there in a dance piece with your amazing core youngrafy. >> with a number of a -- core youngrafy. >> and i am doing it with two coordinated geniuses. we have two certified geniuses working on this and corey harris, an amazing blues musician. worked with martin scorsese. >> yes. >> amazing and the other mcarthur award winner, the great award in new york theatre. >> yes. >> and laura love. >> so you have an extraordinary group of people who are all geniusus, huge collaborators? >> yes. >> the peace is playing where and when? >> it's playing at the center of the arts. >> okay. >> lamb theatre and used to be novilleas. >> and tonight's the last night to catch it. everyone, run, don't walk and get down there. >> and yes, that is at 8 club tonight. >> what is next for you? you never stop. we have never be a world of piece against each of us, awakening to our example. >>
Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm PST
degrees. low 40s currently in santa ross a. tonight tumbling into the 30s from santa rosa below freezing. fairfield all the way to discovery bay. below freezing throughout the tri-valley. 32 in concord around the peninsula would bottom out in the mid 30s. live cbs 5 camera tonight we will have crystal clear skies. the extended forecast calls for a dry and warmer weather pattern. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area banging up against the pacific northwest light rain showers around the northwestern quadrant of the state of california as well. we're stuck in between these two areas of low pressure that are diverting to the east allowing high pressure to expand over the western states. and results even throw we do have the low to the north of us precipitation remains well offshore. here is your monday morning and it looks like we will be clearing out from a few scattered clouds around the peninsula. otherwise lots of sunshine and a couple of degrees warmer for monday if you want to compare it today. but stagnation will not be a problem as far as air quality is con
Jan 27, 2013 8:30am PST
with concord at 37 degrees and oakwood, 45; santa rosa with 36 degrees. the pinpoint weather, this is what we expect. the cooler air will move in and not as woman as yesterday and still, plenty of sunshine for sunday and we'll get cold more night and as a result, the temperatures cool down at night and nevertheless, the predominant feel of the day will be sunny skies and readings in the mid-50s and heading out tomorrow at sfo, mostly sunny skies. the wins out of the northwest and they scoured the fog from the bay area that we had yesterday and i'll be 54 at the airport tomorrow and new york's got a mix of rain and snow for monday. it will rain in denver and in chicago. we look okay to the southland for l.a. the pinpoint forecast, the mid- 50 asfor the bay area. 53 at concord and in the city, 55 in san thosay. nothing but sun -- san jose. nothing but sun and readings warming until next weekend and we will approach 60 degrees. in the meantime, sunshine and plenty of it. bundle up for the chilly nights tonight. >> okay. >> and chilly in terms of what temperature? >> it will be all the wa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4